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Integrating Pinpoint with the Certn Background Checking Platform
Integrating Pinpoint with the Certn Background Checking Platform
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Pinpoint now integrates with the background checking platform Certn which enables Pinpoint users to gather information on candidates relating to their Education, Employment and any Criminal background.

Setting up the Certn Integration

The first thing you will need to do is set your company up with a Certn account

What we provide to you to put into Certn account which you can do here:

Next, you will need to notify us that you intend to use this integration which you can do by contacting support via the chat widget.

We will ask you to provide us with your Certn API key which you can obtain from your settings within your Certn account (It should look something like this: 670c1d326dae967907412bb2a9cb149becdd3000).

We will then give you the webhook URL which you will then need to put into your Certn settings. The integration will then be complete and you can start using the service within Pinpoint.

Using the Certn Integration

Within the candidate's profile, you can click in the 'three dots' to the right of the page and choose the option 'Background Check'.

In here, you will have the option to perform an 'instant screen' or 'Invite Applicant to complete screen'. Both options are detailed below.

Instant search

By selecting 'Instant Search', you will have the ability to check information which is publicly available.

By selecting one of the available options, you will be asked to fill out any further information which Pinpoint hasn't managed to gather from the candidate's profile.

Once you click 'Begin Instant Screen', all information will be sent to Certn to complete the request. If you have the 'New background check report received' notification switched on you will be alerted when Certn returns the check.

Within the Candidate's 'Documents' tab, the returned check will be available to view as a .PDF.

Invite Applicant to complete screen

The other option is to invite the applicant to complete a Certn background check. this then allows you to gather more information providing the candidate gives consent and completes the necessary steps Certn asks.

Once you select the appropriate background check and fill out all necessary details, the candidate will be sent an email inviting them to complete the check on Certns platform.

Once complete, the candidates background check will be sent to Pinpoint and stored within their 'Documents' tab.

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