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How do I use the Report Builder in Pinpoint?
How do I use the Report Builder in Pinpoint?

Create custom reports on candidate and job data with Pinpoint's Report Builder.

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Our Report Builder allows you to create customised reports on the data in your Pinpoint system and download them as a CSV file. These reports can be run at any time or scheduled to run periodically, downloaded directly, or emailed to other Pinpoint users.

We have built some base reports into the platform for you to use as they are, customise, or you can make entirely new reports from scratch.

Report Builder is available on our Unlimited plans, or as an Add-On to any other plan. Speak to your Customer Success Specialist for more details.

Setting Up


Go to Reports under Insights in your Pinpoint side panel - you'll need 'Company Manager' permissions to view this.


Click Build a New Report, and the screen below will appear. Here, you choose to build a new candidate or job report (Candidate reports focus on candidate data, whilst Job reports focus on job data) or customise a base template that we've created for you.


Use the Edit Columns search bar to find and tick the data you want to report on. You can also rearrange them by dragging them up or down in the list. Note that the data shown in the table at this point is not real data, you'll need to run the report to see the real data.


You can also add some filters. Below I have added a filter as an example, where we are looking at the average rating of candidates submitted by recruiters - specifically in the 'Applied' stage:


If this is a one time report then you can press 'Run Report'. The report will show up in 'report history' where you can then click to download the data.


Save the report as a template if you'd like to use it again. It will then show up in your main reports page.


Saved templates will appear in your report list:

Selecting the report from this list will allow you to view and edit it's details.


You have the option to run a report on a repeating schedule and have Pinpoint email the report to other users. To do this, chose the appropriate report from you list of saved reports and chose the Edit Schedule option.

Once you have configured the scheduling, scheduled reports will show details of when and how often they will be sent on the main Reports page.

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