How do I use the Candidate Comparison View?

Easily compare the details of multiple candidates side by side in Pinpoint's Candidate Comparison view.

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Picking between your best candidates can be tricky, so Pinpoint gives you the option to compare the details of any number of candidates side by side in our Candidate Comparison view.


From a job's overview page, select more than 1 candidate from the list, and choose the Compare button from the menu that appears.

You can then cycle through candidates in either of the 2 columns in the view by clicking the Previous and Next Arrows in the green Candidate button at the top of each column, or remove them from the comparison by clicking on the Remove from Comparison icon.

You can also give the candidates a star rating and change which hiring workflow stage they are in from here too.

The candidate details will scroll together, with sections aligned so you can compare like for like information. You can unlock the scroll to be independent on each side by toggling the Synchronise Scroll button.

The Configure button allows you to reorder application sections so you can keep the parts you're most interested in closest to the top, to keep the process efficient.

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