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How can I use tags to organize and analyze candidate data?
How can I use tags to organize and analyze candidate data?

Organize your candidate data by creating custom tags and use them to gain insight and make better hiring decisions.

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Create custom tags and then add them to candidates, then run reports to view a breakdown of tags split by the department, location, and time period.

Tagging candidates gives you more data to work with, more flexibility, and improved reporting, helping you to make better future hiring decisions.

In this article you will learn how to:

  1. Set up tag management

  2. Tag specific candidates

  3. View insight data on tagged candidates

Setting up Tag Management

If you have the 'Company Manager' role permission, you can set up tags in the 'Tag Management' tab under 'Settings':

This will lead you to this screen to set up different tags. Click 'New Tag Category' to add another category:

Or you can add specific tags to your existing categories by pressing 'Add Tag':

Tagging candidates

To tag specific candidates, go to the candidate's profile and click 'Manage Tags':

This will show all the tags that have been set up in Tag Manager, click on as many as you wish to choose. Ensure you scroll down to see all the tag options:

Then click on what you want to tag the candidate with. Below shows an example where we have tagged Tom with the tag of '20000 - 30000' salary & 'SQL' skills, where these categories were created in 'Tag Management' of Pinpoint:

Using the candidate data to your advantage

To uncover insights behind your candidates, go to 'Insights' then 'Candidates':

You will then see two pie charts with useful data. Our example uses the tag category of 'Reasons for Rejection' which can be useful to see any rejection trends, as shown below:

To look at the data of your other tag categories click on the button shown below:

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