The referral feature enables your workforce to refer candidates to your organization, handling the tracking and reporting so you don't have to. 

Your workforce doesn't need to be set up as users of Pinpoint in order to refer people, instead, there's a separate referrals portal which you'll set them up on, enabling them to grab their referral links and keep track of the progress of people they've referred.

You also have the option to set which jobs are available for referral, giving you complete control over the process.

The following guide explains:

  1. How users can get setup on the referrals portal

  2. How to specify which jobs are available for referral

  3. How to approve or reject a referral.

Adding users to the referrals portal

To allow employees to refer potential candidates to your jobs, you first need them to be able to access the 'Referrals Portal'. Scroll down to the 'Settings' section then 'Referrals' in the left-hand bar of your Pinpoint menu. There are two different ways that users can gain access to the portal:

  1. Self sign up - Send this link to your employees. They will only be able to use this link if they have an email domain that matches the company domain.

  2. Add user - Click on this to add either an existing Pinpoint user or a non-Pinpoint user.

Note: Sign up invites will still work even if referrals are disabled.

Setting up jobs to be referred 

This feature allows your employees to see the jobs that are available for referral in their 'Referrals Portal'. When you create a job (or edit an existing one) you'll see a section titled 'Referrals'. Click on the 'Enable Referrals?' button to get the display below. 

This will open the section highlighted which you can fill out if you wish, including the reward you'd offer and potential conditions, e.g. This reward will be dependant on the employee completing probation. 

'Reward Amount' - this will be seen by the employee in their referral portal. It will not trigger any payments, that is for you to do at your own discretion.  

Approving or rejecting applications 

This section is for you to see all the applications that have been referred and whether you have 'Accepted' or 'Rejected' the referee. The purpose of this is to see who the referrer is so that you can reward them with the agreed amount. 

You will also see all of the jobs you have enabled referrals for. To view this screen, click on the 'Referrals' tab on your Pinpoint side menu.

Here you will see:

  • The candidate who has been referred and by whom. 

  • All jobs that referrals have been enabled for. 

  • An option where you click to Approve or Reject an application. The purpose of this is to clearly see the amount you owe the referrer. It also highlights the terms agreed, which are displayed when clicking 'Approve Referral' as shown below.

  • An option to input 'Amount Paid'. The purpose of this is to keep a tab on how much you've paid candidates, if say, you pay them in chunks.

When do I Approve or Reject an applicant? 

This can be done in two ways:

  1. If your company has a policy that the referee needs to complete probation for the referrer to receive the reward, then Accept or Reject the applicant once their probation is completed.

  2. If your policy is to reward the referrer once the referee joins the company, then Accept or Reject the applicant on their first day. 

We recommend you keep track of this by setting a task reminder on the day the reward should be released: e.g. 'Reminder - if Jane Smith works for us today, then pay the referrer Tom Luce the £50 referral fee' 

Please note - Pinpoint will not pay rewards, this is your responsibility.

We also have a guide for employees to explain how they can refer candidates, which can be found here:

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