To help you comply with GDPR Pinpoint has built-in functionality that automatically 'obfuscates' (removes personally identifiable information') for candidates from your system in line with your chosen Data Retention Period. 

This setting can be amended by anyone who has the 'Company Manager' role in Pinpoint.

In the main menu click 'Profile' under the 'Company' section:

Click the GDPR tab and you'll see the 'Data Retention' section where you can specify 6 months, 12 month, 18 months, 24 months or Indefinitely.

Select your preferred option, then check the box beneath to confirm the change. Then click the green 'Update' button at the bottom.

One month before the deadline candidates who are in your Talent Pipeline and who meet the criteria will be automatically emailed to ask if they wish to remain in your system for longer. They can click the button in the email to re-attest for the same period of time. This will prevent their data from being obfuscated.

Additionally, the candidate can manually erase their data by clicking 'GDPR' at the bottom of your careers portal and using the 'Manage My Data' tool.
Note that data is only ever obfuscated, and not deleted entirely which retains statistical data used in your reporting.

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