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How does Pinpoint comply with GDPR?
How does Pinpoint comply with GDPR?

Manage candidate data and privacy within Pinpoint, including the ability for candidates to delete their personal information.

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We understand that in obtaining and documenting information about your candidates, you may have obligations under the  General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”). As such we create a GDPR policy for you along with pre-built functionality to allow candidates to manage and delete their data.

Your Pinpoint jobs portal has a GDPR link at the bottom, here is an example of the page that this link takes you to:

This shows the privacy policy for the Pinpoint software and allows your candidates to see how their data is used by you within Pinpoint.

From here your candidates can click a link to manage their data that is held within your instance of Pinpoint (the logo will be yours, not Pinpoint's). They'll enter their email address, which will send this email to them:

When they click the button in that email they'll be taken to a web page where they can view all applications they've submitted and the ability to remove their applications, i.e. remove their personal information from your system.

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