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How do I share a job link from Pinpoint?
How do I share a job link from Pinpoint?

Easily share job links on Pinpoint via URL, social media, QR code or custom link.

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You'll often want to share a link that candidates can use to apply to a job on Pinpoint via digital platforms such as social media, or even in physical locations such as retail stores or offices. Pinpoint's Share page for each job contains all the links you need, and the option to generate QR codes which allow you to direct candidates to the job's application form simply by pointing their phone at an image.

To find these links, navigate to a job's main overview page by selecting a job from the Manage Jobs view. From here, click on the Share button.

Sharing via URL, Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin

Each job has a unique URL associated with it, which you can copy directly to the clipboard by pressing the Copy to Clipboard Button

To post the job on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin, click on any of the Social Channel buttons to share the job directly to a social media platform.

You may be asked to log in to the platform, but when you do, you'll immediately be presented with the job link and imagery in a post that's ready to go.

Share via a QR Code

To create and share a QR code for a job, navigate to the QR Codes tab and click the Create QR Code button.

You may wish to create multiple QR codes, for example, to place in different physical locations within a store, allowing you to track which code was used the most often, and therefore which locations may work better for future campaigns. To do this, give each QR code you create a location name in the Source field. You can then view this data via Pinpoint's Insights functionality.

Once created, you can download the QR code to use, either as a standalone item or embedded into other documents such as posters, flyers and stickers.

Social Posts and OpenGraph Images

By default, Social Posts will use your company OpenGraph image, which will have been set up when your Pinpoint system was configured, but you can choose to add a new image just for this role from the share page. We recommend images 1200px x 630px to have the most effective results on social sites.

If, after you have uploaded a new OpenGraph image for the job, the old image is still appearing when you go to post the advert, you may need to clear your web browser's cache before the image will come through correctly. Linkedin also sometimes cache OpenGraph images that you may have used on previous postings, so if clearing your browser cache doesn't work, you can use Linkedin's Post Inspector to clear that cache ( )

Share via Custom Link

To create and share a custom link for a job, navigate to the Job -> Share -> Sharing Links page and click New Link.

Choose the channel, and specify the channel detail. This can be helpful when you want to track the source of candidates applying using this custom link, particularly in the case when linking from a job board which Pinpoint does not currently have an integration with.

If the custom link is used by candidates, then the channel data will show up on the Insights > Candidates page.

Click on Job Board within the Insight to see more information about the channel source.

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