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How do I create my first Location?
How do I create my first Location?

Organize and manage user permissions by creating locations in Pinpoint.

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In order to keep all of your vacancies organised and to manage user permissions effectively you can create 'Locations' and 'Departments'. The level of granularity that you apply will depend on the size of your organisation and how finely you want to control user permissions. 


If you haven't already, please make sure you're logged in to your Pinpoint account - you can do this by browsing to and entering your work email address and your Pinpoint password (you will have set this when you signed up for Pinpoint or when you accepted an invitation from a colleague).


First, browse to the navigation on the left hand side of your Pinpoint Admin Screen and select 'Organisation' under the 'Company' section:

Click 'Add location' to add your first location:

Enter the name of your location, e.g. 'London', and press 'Save'.

Your first location has now been created. To add more locations click 'Add location' again.

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