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Using the BobHR Integration
Using the BobHR Integration
Create new hires in your Bob system from within Pinpoint's interface
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Our Bob integration allows you to send details of your hired candidates directly from your Pinpoint platform into Bob's HRIS.

This helpguide is split into 2 parts:

Configuring the Bob Integration

Step 1

In order to link your Pinpoint and Bob accounts, you'll need to have access to your Bob account's tokenised URL and 'Secret' code. You can get these from within Bob's interface, by going to the Settings menu, then Integrations, and then Hire API. They will look something like this:

Step 2

In Pinpoint, visit the Settings > Integrations menu

Step 3

In the integrations menu, click on the Apps button and then search for, or scroll down to, the Bob integration. Click the Add button for that integration.

Step 4

Add in your Bob tokenised URL and secret and press the Save button

Step 5

Press the Disabled toggle in the top right corner until it reads Enabled

How do I send a candidate to Bob?

Step 1

Open a candidate's profile from a job's candidate list and from the action button (the three small dots) above their details, select the Send to Bob option:

Step 2

Pinpoint will take you through a series of fields to fill in. Once you have completed the required fields, press the Send to Bob button at the bottom of the form. Our system will send across the data and the candidate will now appear in your Bob system.

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