LinkedIn Limited Listings Just Got Easier

Limited Listings are LinkedIn’s free job posts that also appear on your company’s LinkedIn page.

Until now, you’ve had to reach out to your LinkedIn account manager to get your Pinpoint jobs to appear. Starting today, you can manage the whole process in Pinpoint, and the feed will be live in a matter of hours.

If you’re not already advertising your jobs with LinkedIn’s free listings, now’s the time to get started.

Head over to the “Integrations” page, put your LinkedIn company ID in, and choose which jobs to promote. That’s it.

Facebook Jobs Integration

Who doesn’t like free job advertising channels? Now you can automatically post your jobs to Facebook Jobs direct from Pinpoint. Candidates that apply via Facebook appear against the relevant job in Pinpoint, automatically.

JotForm Integration

Ever wanted to send a questionnaire to candidates after they apply? Using the new JotForm integration, now you can.

Create a form in JotForm, send a link to the candidate, and the answers will be displayed on the candidate’s profile in Pinpoint.

Create questions once and reuse them on all your jobs

Improve the consistency of your job postings and make creating new jobs easier.

The new Question Bank enables you to create questions once, save them, then reuse them on all your jobs.

Add Applicants to your Talent Pipeline, without consent

By default, when you add candidates that applied to a specific job to join your talent pipeline, they’re sent an email invitation and asked whether they want to be part of your talent pipeline.

Why? Because building huge databases of people that aren’t specifically interested in working for your organization makes it harder to identify those that are when you’re searching your talent pipeline.

But some recruitment teams prefer to add candidates to their talent pipeline without asking permission first.

Starting today, you can invite candidates to the talent pipeline from individual jobs without asking permission.

Report Builder Improvements

We’re continually improving the Custom Report Builder and this month is no exception.

New filter options:

  • Dynamic date filters enable you to create filters like “all candidates hired less than 1 month ago”

  • Filter the candidate report by hiring manager

  • Filter by Division and Custom Structure Group on the job report

  • Filter by Job on the job report

New fields:

  • Hiring manager on the candidate report

  • Furthest stage reached on the candidate report

  • Division and custom structure group on the job report

Other small but mighty changes

Every month we make small improvements to Pinpoint that are a big deal for many of you. Here’s what we launched this month:

  • Enforce SSO when using SAML

  • Add descriptions to custom fields to help people understand how to use them

  • We’ve removed the save button from scorecards (they now save automatically)

  • There’s additional information available on the sign off form for approvers of jobs and offers

  • We’ve updated referral user management: now you can manually remove referral users, and when a standard user is removed the corresponding referral user is also removed

  • Zoom and Teams links are automatically updated—no need to resend the link to a candidate if you make a change to an interview

  • Offer template letters and emails now use the rich text editor so you can use bold, italics and lists

  • Custom fields can be accessed via the API

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