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What's new in Interviews (October 2021)
What's new in Interviews (October 2021)
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Interviews are a key component of every hiring process, and our Interview systems are getting an overhaul this October. A complete set of help guides will be available as soon as the updates are launched to help you get up and running, but before that, here's a sneak preview of what to expect.

Faster ways to invite candidates to Interviews

We've dramatically reduced the number of clicks it takes to set up and interview with a candidate. From default interviews on hiring workflows to save time on configuration, to new buttons to start interview workflows, our system has had a complete makeover, with a focus on speed.

Rule-Based Interview Availability

You want to take part in interviews between Monday and Thursday only, and only after 11am as you've got your team's morning meeting and emails to deal with before that? No problem! Pinpoint's new rule-based availability allows you to configure when you can be considered 'available' during the average week. This, combined with your calendar's actual availability (if you have your calendar sync'd with Pinpoint) are then considered together when your availability is being checked for interviews.

Your availability to Interview will be platform-wide

Currently, your availability to attend interviews needs to be specified for every interview stage individually, which is cumbersome for anyone who's part of an interview team on multiple jobs concurrently. With our latest update, your rule-based availability will be accessible across all the jobs you are part of a hiring team for, so you'll never need to set manual availability again (unless you want to of course, in which case, the old way will still be possible).

Notice and Buffer Periods

Need 15 minutes after every interview to write up your notes and complete your scorecards? You can now set a pre or post-interview buffer time so that you'll always have time to finish up the paperwork before the next interview begins

Need some time to prepare for any upcoming interviews? You can also now specify a number of hours or days minimum notice for interviews to be added to your schedule.

A unified Interview stage view

The 'Interviews' button is gone, and each interview stage in the hiring workflow now contains all the details and options you need in a single unified view.

Customise your interview invite emails before sending

One of our most requested features, our latest update will allow you to edit the wording of the interview invite email each time it is sent out to candidates. Customise the wording to be more appropriate for your later stage interviews, or just add some details of how much you enjoyed meeting the candidate at the first interview.

Choose which calendars are included in your availability

Want us to consider more than one of your calendars for your availability? Choose which of your calendars we should consider part of your free/busy time.

A new 'Conferencing' Interview Type

Have you ever accidentally sent out an interview invite, before realising you forgot to add a video conference link via one of our integration partners? Our new 'Video Conference' Interview Type will make sure the conferencing details have been configured before any invites can be sent out.

Preconfigure your Interview stages

You can now pre-assign an interview type to your interview stages in your Hiring Workflow templates. Ensure that your teams are running the right interview at the right time.

Aggregate team member availability

You have 6 possible interviewers for an interview, but only 1 of them ever needs to be present? It will now be possible to list multiple interviewers on a hiring team, but you'll be able to specify how many of those interviewers actually need to attend at any one time. When a candidate schedules, our system will pick the correct number of interviewers at random from your listed hiring team.

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