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New Feature and Upgrades - August 2021
New Feature and Upgrades - August 2021
New and Improved Sign-Off Workflows, Reference Checking with RefNow and lots more.
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New fields available in Custom Report Builder

Custom report builder has become even more powerful with the addition of new reporting options. Now you can create reports using:

  • Standard offer fields

  • Custom fields from the job

  • Custom fields from the offer

  • EEO / equality monitoring attributes (reach out to your Customer Success Manager to have these enabled for reporting in your account)

Reassign Hiring Workflows

You’ve always had unlimited custom hiring workflow templates in Pinpoint but when you wanted to change the workflow assigned to a job it’s been a very manual process. Not any more.

Now you can easily select a different workflow template and map candidates from each stage of your current workflow to the appropriate stage of the new workflow.

More flexible Sign Off Workflows

In the past, requisition and offer approval workflows were assigned based on departments and locations. From today, you have more flexibility than ever before and can assign different approval workflows based on a job’s:

  • Location

  • Department

  • Hiring Manager

  • Location

  • Compensation minimum

  • Compensation maximum

  • Employment type

  • or any of your custom fields

RefNow Integration

Reduce your time-to-hire by combining Pinpoint with RefNow’s automated online reference checking software. In just 36 hours on average, you’ll be able to view and download a full reference report with detailed feedback about the candidate.

Find out more about RefNow here:

Recruit Military Integration

Improve the reach of your job adverts in America’s Veteran community using our new integration with Recruit Military—a job board dedicated to connecting employers with high-quality veteran talent.

Cambridge Network Integration

Advertise your jobs to the Cambridge UK high-tech cluster using the Cambridge Network Recruitment Gateway. Learn more about Cambridge Network Membership here:

Other small but mighty changes

Every month we make small improvements to Pinpoint that are a big deal for some of you. Here’s what we launched this month:

  • Send custom reports via SFTP as well as email. This is cost effective way of integrating Pinpoint with many legacy HR and payroll systems that don’t offer an open API (or if you’re using a vendor that’s not caught up with the times and still charges a fortune for API access).

  • We’ve taken your feedback on board and updated the way that queues work. From today, the “Next” button moves to the next candidate but leaves the current one in the queue (like the “Skip” button used to). If you want to remove a candidate from the queue, just click “Remove”.

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