Custom Report Builder

Whether it’s deciding where to advertise, improving diversity, or removing roadblocks from the hiring process, recruitment teams use insights from their data in Pinpoint to make better recruitment decisions.

Today that’s become even easier with the launch of our new Custom Report Builder.

Custom Report Builder enables you to easily create powerful, personalized reports based on the data you store in Pinpoint. Customize a report from our library of templates, or build your own report from scratch - it’s up to you.

Reports can be viewed in Pinpoint, emailed to your team at regular intervals, or exported in one click.

Candidate Experience Surveys

It’s a competitive market for top talent. Candidates who don’t get a great experience tell the world on social media, and sites like Glassdoor. Candidates who have a great experience also tell people and promote your company to the world for free.

Using our new Candidate Experience Surveys candidates get an automated email inviting them to leave written feedback and score their experience of your recruitment process enabling you to improve things in the future and track your progress.

Sourcing Extension

With our new Sourcing Extension you can now source candidates from around the web and import them straight to Pinpoint.

Install the extension from Google's Chrome Extension store, open it on a candidate’s profile, and copy their details straight into Pinpoint.

Sourcing from LinkedIn? The sourcing extension automatically populates key information about the candidate, enabling you to add them to Pinpoint with a single click.

QR Codes

Making it easy to apply is key to attracting the best applicants. Understanding where they found out about the role helps you decide where to invest your marketing budget.

Until now, it’s been difficult to track where candidates found out about you unless it was online. But what about events, advertising in a break room, or advertising in-store?

Every job in Pinpoint now includes a QR code that you can add to print marketing. This enables you to track the source of in-person applications and make it easier than ever to apply.

Candidates scan the code, and get taken directly to the job description on Pinpoint where they can apply on their mobile device. Want to know where they found out about the role? Pinpoint enables you to report on which ad they scanned.

Other Small but Mighty Changes

Every month we make small but important improvements to Pinpoint

Redesigned candidate scorecard view

Candidate scorecards are one of the most popular features of Pinpoint. We’ve updated the scorecard view to make it even easier to compare candidates.

Rejection tag / email prompt

When rejecting candidates, users can be prompted to tag candidates with a rejection reason and are given them the option of sending a rejection email there and then. Find out more >>

Improved time zone management

You can now set a time zone at a company level. This will be the default time zone for all employees or recruiters you invite, and can be changed on a user-by-user basis on the “Team” page.

Retain tags for talent pipeline candidates

When inviting candidates to join the talent pipeline, you now have an option to “Retain Tags”. Any tags you’ve applied to the candidate during the recruitment process will be automatically applied against their candidate record in the talent pipeline.

New Integrations


Initiate background checks through Certn, directly from Pinpoint using our integration with Certn.

Job boards

We’re constantly expanding the range of job boards in our job board marketplace. This month we’ve focussed on diversity job boards and new releases include:

  • Evoke Inspire Careers

  • Women in Technology International

  • LGBT Jobs

  • Veterans Enterprise

  • WomenInTech

  • Evenbreak

  • 70MillionJobs

  • Disability Jobsite

  • BME Jobs

  • WISE

  • Disability Job

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