Candidate Comparison View

Select any number of candidates from a job's Candidate list and instantly compare their application details side by side. See more details here.

Upgraded Notifications

Pinpoint now allows you to customise both the type of notifications you receive, and the channel through which you receive them, be it 'In App' directly in the platform, via an email, or through your Slack workspace. You can also now customise notifications for each individual job, or for your favourite jobs. See more details here:

Manually Reveal Anonymous Screening Details

Occasionally, with the myriad of ways a résumé file can be constructed, our Anonymous Screening's résumé interpretation system may be unable to give you the details needed to make a decision on a candidate's suitability for a role. Now, if you have the Job Manager role within Pinpoint, you have the option to reveal a Candidate's real details at any stage of the hiring workflow process, so that no one need be disqualified from an application because of the file they submit.

Talent Pipeline Upgrades

We've added filtering and sorting to the talent pipeline, so you can now easily find the most appropriate candidates faster than ever.

Employee Search

We've added search to the Team page, and you can now sort the list by Name, Email, and whether a user has integrated their calendar and set up two factor authentication with the platform.

Multi-Candidate Delete

There may be occasions when you wish to delete candidates en mass from within the platform. This is now possible by selecting candidates and choosing the Delete option.

Other small but mighty changes!

  • Hide Archived Jobs in the Organisation Page: You can now show or hide Archived jobs in the company Organisation page, to make it easier to find and change Permissions on your live roles.

  • Duplication: You can now duplicate Hiring Workflows, Interview Types, Sign-Off Workflows, and Email and SMS templates.

  • Sort Candidates by Stage: You can now sort the Candidates table for each job by name, stage, application date or their star rating.

  • Linkedin Tracking Pixel: If you have a Linkedin Recruiter licence, you can now add a tracking pixel to your Pinpoint system to track when an applicant from Linkedin

  • External Recruiters Tag: The 'Recruiter' autotag, which is applied to any candidates submitted by an External Recruiter, has been changed to say 'External Recruiter'.

  • Optional Personal Summaries: When creating a new role, you can now hide the personal summary box if you don't wish your candidates to use this feature.

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