Pinpoint automatically generates RSS feeds from the jobs you have open in the platform. These feeds contain the details of each job, in a format that can be read by recruitment platforms such as Linkedin and Indeed. You can then ask these platforms to 'crawl' this feed, and use it to post your Pinpoint jobs directly to their platform.

  • In the case of Linkedin. These jobs will be posted as 'Limited Listings' as standard and they will not charge you for this.

  • If you have a Linkedin Recruiter licence, you can also push these jobs into your promoted job slots through Linkedin's Job Wrapping functionality, though they may charge you an additional fee for this.

This article is useful to explain the difference between promoted and free jobs, you can promote jobs via our Job Board Marketplace.

How to set it up

1. Ensure your jobs display the correct location information including Name - City - State/Province/County - Country. To check this go to: Organisation --> Structure --> Location --> 3 dots

You don't need to put the postcode in:

2. Ask your Customer Success Manager whether you'd like ALL jobs or only selected jobs to appear on LinkedIn Jobs.

3. Reach out to LinkedIn here: and create a support ticket:

4. Copy and paste this message, changing the message to add in your subdomain where it is bold:


We have recently started using a new ATS (Pinpoint) and we would like to pull our jobs through to LinkedIn Jobs.

Can you please pull through these jobs:

Our careers site is:

Many thanks,


5. Prior to sending, you can check if the RSS feed that you're sending looks correct. It should look something like this:

6. LinkedIn can take a few weeks to respond sometimes.

7. LinkedIn will confirm that your jobs are now pulling through to their jobs board. If you'd like only some to appear on Indeed, you can turn them on and off in the 'New Job' or 'Edit Job' pages, as shown below:

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