Go to www.business.facebook.com and press 'create account' in the top right hand corner.

You will then get to this page where you input your personal facebook details. (If you don't have an account you can quickly set one up at www.facebook.com):

You'll then be taken to the below page where you should choose your business email:

It may ask for authentication which you'll need to do your end, otherwise you'll go straight to this page. Click on the below 9 dots followed by 'Business Settings':

This will lead you to the below page:

In this page you will need to set up the below:

1. People

You'll need to set users up to be able to see and run adverts. To do this add your users and choose their permissions. Click the blue 'Add' button, then add the email addresses of the people you want to set up. You can then choose their level of access, as shown below:

2. Pages

You'll need to have a Facebook page to run adverts. If you already have a page then click 'Add a page', if not then you can create a new page below:

3. Ad Accounts

Finally, you will need to have an Ad Account, this is where all your adverts will be grouped and managed. Go to 'Ad Accounts' and press the blue 'add' button. If you have not created a Facebook ad account before, then create a new one and it is likely to ask you to verify that you are a real business.

Once you have completed these stages you have one final step before you can move to Pinpoint to link your account!

Give Pinpoint access to help you

Assign Pinpoint (named Infuse Group in Facebook) as a Partner. Our Partner ID is 1186667248105460. Ensure we're assigned permissions to access your Page and Ad Manager Account.

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