When organising interviews you have the ability to automatically generate video conferencing links. This is currently available with Google, Zoom, GoTo or Microsoft Teams.

Before you can add conferencing links to your interviews, you'll need to have connected your calendar. See How to setup calendar synchronization

Connect your Pinpoint account to your conferencing provider

Google and G-Suite users do not have to follow these authorisation steps in order to have Google Meet links generated.

First click on your profile icon in the top right. Then click 'Settings'. Next select the 'Integrations' tab and finally click '+ Add conferencing provider' as shown below:

Next, choose your conferencing provider from the list:

This list is growing all the time, so keep an eye out for new providers.

You'll be asked to sign into your conferencing provider. Enter your usual login details.

Then, when prompted click the 'Authorize' (or similar) button as shown in the below example for Zoom:

Once completed, you will see your conferencing account in the 'Authorised conferencing providers' section as shown here:

When inviting a candidate to interview (see How to Schedule an Interview With a Candidate) you will now see an option to add a conferencing link to the interview invite.

On the 'Invites' page tick the candidate(s) that you would like to invite to interview and then click 'Invite to interview' as shown here:

Next select your conferencing host (i.e. the person whose conferencing link will be used) and then select the conferencing provider:

Next, click 'Send invites' and that will send off the email invitations to the candidates which will each contain a unique link just for that candidate to use.

The candidate will then receive a meeting invite which contains the link to the meeting as shown below:

Additionally each user listed in the 'Hiring Team' box on the interview configuration page will also receive a meeting invite.

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