Hi Team,

[Next Month/Week/Year], we're going to be rolling out automated recruitment advertising through Pinpoint to help source great candidates for your roles. This will help us make better hires for a much lower cost, and save you time!

There's no action for you to take, but we wanted to let you know how this works.

What does automated recruitment advertising do?

It enables us to launch highly targeted recruitment campaigns across social media and other digital channels to get opportunities in front of passive and active candidates.

Why are we using it compared to other channels like recruitment agencies?

Recruitment agencies typically charge 15-20% of salary for a hire, whereas automated recruitment ads cost in the region of 2%.

Are there any roles that automated recruitment advertising doesn’t work well for?

Automated recruitment advertising isn’t always the right choice for very senior or very specialist technical roles.

That said, for these type of hires it can work well to run some small automated recruitment advertising campaigns alongside support from more traditional methods like working with specialist headhunters.

What’s the quality of applicants like from automated recruitment advertising?

Over time, Pinpoint learns more about the candidates that like you, and that you like. This date is used to improve the targeting of the advertising over time.

All things being equal, we can expect our cost per applicant to fall over time.

As with all sources of applicants, there will always be a mix of great, ok, and not great applicants. But because the system is continually learning more about what types of candidates are a good fit for our organisation, other companies that use Pinpoint's automated recruitment advertising find that the quality of applicants improves over time.

Where do the recruitment ads get displayed?

They're displayed on channels like Facebook but also around the internet on the websites and mobile apps where your ideal candidates spend their time.

What are the other benefits of automated recruitment advertising?

A strong employer brand and well-executed recruitment marketing campaign has an indirect benefit of positioning the business as growing, forward-thinking organisation in the boarder market.

Other clients of Pinpoint have found that their recruitment advertising campaigns have had a powerful impact on their wider brand perception.

Will we need to use our normal recruitment channels alongside automated recruitment advertising?

In the short term, yes.

This is because it allows us gain confidence in the ability of automated recruitment advertising to deliver enough good quality applicants for each role, and to understand whether there are certain types of roles that need a different approach.

We should find that over a period of a few months we can transition away from our existing channels (like job boards and print advertising).

Where we will be changing our current approach immediately is how we use recruitment agencies.

The aim of the game is to attract the candidates direct rather than through recruitment agencies. With roles where there’s a small candidate pool the agencies are likely putting forward some of the same candidates that we could be attracting direct at significantly lower cost. If the agency puts the candidate forward before the candidate applies direct, we could end up paying an agency fee unnecessarily.

Therefore, we will be allowing any recruitment ads to run for a period of time before putting the job out to agencies.

Can I view the performance of any ads that relate to my roles?

Yes you can login to Pinpoint and view any ads that are running, along with the performance.

When a new ad needs to run, we may engage with you to better understand the type of person you're looking for, how soon you need to fill the role and where your ideal candidates spend their time online.

If you have any questions in the meantime just reply back.

Thank you!

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