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How To Write A Compelling Advert
How To Write A Compelling Advert

Learn how to write ad copy to attract the best candidates

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Writing compelling ad copy isn't easy, so I've created this handy visual guide to help.

Focus on including as many of these highlighted points as you can, but you don't necessarily have to include all of them.

Write about three paragraphs that introduce your business and provide context to the ad, i.e. the fact that you're currently hiring and explaining why you're a great place to work. Use this as an opportunity to mention your Employee Value Proposition as this will show prospective candidates why they might want to work for you.

Structure it in the following format:

  1. Who you are and what you do

  2. Why you do what you do

  3. What you have to offer prospective candidates

In the above example we wrote:

"Accelerate your career in Customer Success with a new role at Pinpoint

This is a unique opportunity to have a massive impact at a fast-growing company where great customer experience is at the core of what we offer. You'll work across all aspects of the Customer Success practice.

We want you to do your best work so we offer flexible remote working, a generous personal development budget, and top of the line equipment.

Find out more or apply today.
Learn more or apply online at [link]."

Include a mixture of emotional and rational triggers, one or two Call-To-Action's, call them out, and add scarcity. 

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