This guide focuses on in-app notifications, rather than email notifications. For email notifications check out this guide:

Within Pinpoint you will see an area called 'Notifications'. This will inform you when any of the following occurs: 

  • New Applicant Received (for jobs that you have access to)
  • New Message Received (for applicants that you can see)
  • New Interview Scheduled (for interviews that you're on the hiring team for)
  • Talent Pipeline Invitation Accepted (for candidates that you can see that have been invited to talent pipeline).
  • Job Expiring in 24 hours (letting you know that a job you have the ability to edit is going to automatically close in 24 hours)
  • New Hire (letting you know that someone has been put in the 'hired' stage for a role you have access to)
  • New Ad has been created (a new Facebook ad for a job you can see has been created and put live)
  • New Job Created (for jobs that you can see)

Notifications can be accessed in two place. The first is in the upper right of the screen, you'll see a bell icon. Click this to view any new notifications:

The second place you'll see notifications is on the Dashboard, which you'll see when you first login. You can also access this by clicking the 'Dashboard' menu item.

This screenshot shows where the notifications are shown on the Dashboard:

You might wish to turn off some of the  email notifications and instead use the in-app notifications mentioned above.

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