If your calendar was previously synchronizing, but has stopped, it is possibly because you have changed the password you use to access your email. 

If this was the case, then our calendar integration provider called 'Cronofy' would likely have emailed you with instructions on how to re-authenticate. 

Here is an example of what this email will look like:

In this example the user uses Microsoft Exchange as their email provider, therefore you'll see the term 'Exchange' being used throughout.

When you click the 'Relink Exchange calendar' (or similar terminology) button you'll be taken to this page:

Enter your password and click the 'Link Exchange Account' (or similar terminology) button to re-authenticate.

If you cannot locate this email, or would prefer not to respond to it, then there is a simple fix to the problem: Login to Pinpoint and remove the calendar synchronization, then add it back again. 

To remove it click on your name in the upper right of the screen, then click Settings and then select the Integrations tab. Click the action icon next to your calendar details and choose Revoke Authorisation button. You'll then be able to add your calendar back in again.

Check out this short guide explaining how to set up your calendar synchronization again: https://help.pinpoint.support/articles/2930532-how-to-setup-calendar-synchronisation

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