We integrate with MS Outlook, MS Exchange, MS Office 365, Gmail and iCloud to synchronise scheduled interviews for the hiring team and display the hiring team's busy times in Pinpoint.

This means that when a candidate schedules an interview, the appointment will be placed into your calendar. Any updates to the interview will be reflected in your calendar too. We also offer the option to enable 2-way synchronization so that updates to a team member's calendar events will change their availability for interviews.

First, in the upper right of the screen click on your name. Then click 'Settings':

Click the 'Integrations' tab, then click 'Add Calendar':

Next you'll see the following screen:

Click the calendar provider that you currently use. 

You'll then be presented with steps to authorise Pinpoint to integrate with your provider's systems. 

a) For Google, Outlook.com and Office 365 it's very simple and you'll be asked to tick to agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for Cronofy (Cronofy are the 3rd party software provider who make this integration possible), then enter your login details for your calendar provider.

b) For iCloud, you'll be asked to enter your Apple ID and App-specific password. To learn more about this read this Apple help guide: https://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT204397.

c) If you select Exchange, and you're self-hosted then you'll need to complete the two fields marked 'optional' as seen in the below screenshot. If you're not self-hosted, then you don't need to complete these. Speak to your IT team to get this info:

Once you've finished the above step, you should see something similar to the below to indicate that the integration is setup (in my example I setup a Google integration, which is why you see the Google logo there):

That's your integration complete.

Two-Way Calendar Sync

You can choose to enable two-way calendar sync for any given interview. This means that:

  1. Pinpoint will display the busy times for the hiring team on the interview's 'Availability' calendar.

  2. If a slot gets taken in any of the hiring team's calendars at any time after you've set the availability, then this slot will automatically be removed from Pinpoint.

This is super useful as it saves you from having to manually check their calendar's and identify jointly available slots. This is how it'll look in Pinpoint:

From there you can either select individual slots, or click the 'Automatic Scheduling' button at the top of the calendar to let Pinpoint auto-populate the calendar for the week that's displayed, with all the available slots, between two times. You'll populate these two times in the pop up window that's displayed:

Then, you'll see those available times all selected for you:

At this stage you can now invite candidates to interview on the 'Invites' tab, or first add more availability for the following week by clicking the arrow above the calendar.

In order to make use of the two-way calendar sync functionality described above, you'll need to enable it on the interview's 'Configuration' page, as indicated in this screenshot:

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