If you want to create one job that's in multiple locations there are two ways to achieve this in Pinpoint:

  1. Create separate jobs for each location

  2. Create one job with a location of 'Various' and then use a multiple choice question in the application form to allow the applicant to select which locations they are interested in

You'll need to have the system role of 'Company Manager' to be able to edit locations. If you don't have this role then you won't see the menu item called 'Organisation; and won't be able to complete this guide.

First, click 'Organisation' in the main menu.

Then, add a new a new location:

Call it 'Various', then select the departments that are applicable:

Next, we need to apply this new location to a job. If you have an existing job you can locate it by clicking 'Manage Jobs' in the left hand menu, then click the job title:

With the job open, click 'Edit Job' and then 'Details'. Change the job location to 'Various' and then select the Department:

Next, scroll down to the bottom of the page, to the questions section. Click the 'Add Question +' button and create a multiple-choice question, entering each location as an option. When finished click 'Update' at the bottom:

And that's the job now fully configured. This is how it will look to the candidate on the job application page:

Once a candidate has submitted an application and answered this question, you will then be able to apply a filter for the location when reviewing candidates on the jobs page, as shown here:

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