Once you have finished creating a job, you can then begin advertising it

To create a Facebook Ad for a job you previously created, browse to the navigation on the left-hand side of your Pinpoint Admin screen and select 'Manage Jobs' under the 'Jobs' section. Then click the job title for the relevant job:

Next, click the 'Adverts' tab and then click 'New Facebook Advert':

You will be presented with a form to fill in:

Give your ad a memorable name (this is displayed internally only).

Select your Facebook Ad Account. You will likely only have one option here however it is possible to have multiple different Ad Accounts so select the one that you want to use.

Select the Facebook Page that you want to associate the ad with. Again, you will likely only have one option here.

Click 'Create Advert' to move onto the next step.

You will be presented with the following page to configure your ad:

Each ad needs you to set various configuration options in order to run. We take care of most of these in order to make creating the ad through Pinpoint as simple as possible. The configuration options on this form are the things we need you to set.

The advert will be targeted at people living in the locations you select. You can add as many as you like, some will ask for a radius around that location. 

We recommend that you simply run the advert until the closing date of the job (if you have set one), but you can select a specific length of time. Note that if your closing date is very soon or very far away, this will affect how your budget is spent.

Facebook will charge you directly, we do not markup these costs. The minimum budget (set by Facebook) is $1 (or currency equivalent) per day. 

Here, you need to enter the lifetime budget for the ad. Facebook will automatically spread this budget across the duration of the ad. It won't always be able to spend all of the budget, if for example your ad runs for a short period of time or the potential audience is small. 

Please contact us if you need any help whatsoever with this configuration.

Next, configure your ad image and text:

Select your image. You can search from thousands of stock photographs or upload your own. To search, simply enter a search term relevant to the type of image you want to display, you will then be presented with three images. To view more, click the 'See More' button. 

Once you've chosen your image, you can overlay it with a colour and text:

There is a live preview that appears on the right hand side of the screen.

The final stage is to add your ad text, e.g. 'We have an exciting opportunity available to join our team as a Customer Success Representative.'  For some tips on what to say check out our guide How to Write a Compelling Ad.

Add a News Feed link description if you wish which will appear in the area circled below (this won't appear on all devices):

Once ready hit the green 'Publish' button at the bottom. 

Your advert will now be reviewed by Facebook to ensure it complies with their policies. 

Our team will also review your ad and provide any recommendations to you, as well as set the targeting parameters based on your job description and requirements.

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