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How to Schedule an Interview With a Candidate
How to Schedule an Interview With a Candidate
Learn what to do when you're ready to invite a candidate to interview
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Here's how to schedule interviews.

Locate the job that the candidate has applied for and click the job title to open it.

Note: If you haven't done so already, you need to specify when you are available for interviews. You must do this for each interview stage. For help with this see How To Set Your Availability for Interviews.

Click 'Interviews' from the menu shown below:

If a Custom Hiring Workflow is applied to the job, you'll see a dropdown showing the various interview stages. Hover over the interview stage you want to edit:

Next, click 'Invites' within the list.

From here you can view the candidates that are in that interview stage. Tick the box next to their name, then click the 'Invite to Interview' button:

The below screen will then appear, where you can alter the interview attendees if you wish. Here is also where you can set up conferencing for the interview if you have already set that up in your settings.

The candidate will then be sent an email with the invitation and a button where they can schedule the interview, using the time slots you set:

Once the candidate clicks the 'Schedule an Interview' button in the email they will view the following web page:

From here, they can view and choose their preferred time slot.

After submitting the form they will see the following confirmation:

Here, they can download the calendar event as a .ics file by clicking the 'Download Calendar Event' button.

They will also get a confirmation email with the same information:

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