After an interaction with a candidate, you may wish to record some observations. Alternatively you may wish to leave a general note for colleagues to view, or for audit purposes.

First, browse to the navigation on the left hand side of your screen and select 'Manage Jobs' under the 'Jobs' section.

Click on the job title of the relevant job:

From here you will be shown the 'All Candidates' tab. If you have lot's of candidates then you can select one of the individual stages to locate the candidate.

Click on the candidates name to open their application. Then, click 'Comments':

From here, you can view all comments that members of the hiring team have made, in chronological order:

Click 'New Comment ' to add a comment:

Write your comment, and when finished click the 'Add Comment' button.

Your comment will appear at the top of the history:

Note: Whilst candidates don't have access to these comments, depending on your jurisdiction they might be able to request a copy of their data which would include any comments.

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