If you want to create one job that's in multiple locations there are two ways to achieve this in Pinpoint:

  1. Create separate jobs for each location
  2. Create one job with a location of 'Various' and then use a multiple choice question in the application form to allow the applicant to select which locations they are interested in

Here is how to do that:

First, add a new a new location:

Call it 'Various', then select the departments that are applicable.

Next, we need to apply this new location to a job. If you have an existing job you can locate it by clicking 'Manage Jobs' in the left hand menu, then click the job title:

With the job open, click 'Edit Job' and then 'Details':

Change the job location to 'Various':

Next, scroll down to the questions section. Create a multiple choice question and enter each location as an option. When finished click 'Update':

And that's the job now fully configured. This is how it will look to the candidate on the job application page:

Once a candidate has submitted an application and answered this question, you will then be able to apply a filter when reviewing candidates on the jobs page, as shown here:

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